Domestic Immersion Heater Installation Accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of accessories for the installation and control of our immersion heaters

All immersion heaters will require a gasket or ‘O’ ring, and while these are supplied with the heater kit as standard, spares or replacements will often be needed.


Part No: Size Dimensions (mm)
WH10B 1½”BSP 49 x 71 x 2
WH10C 1¾”BSP 53 x 77 x 2
WH10/1 2¼”BSP 66 x 83 x 1.5

‘O’ Rings

Part No: Size Dimensions (mm)
G024 1½”BSP 37 x 43 x 3
G020 1¾”BSP 49 x 56 x 3.5
G022 2¼”BSP 60 x 67 x 3.5

Most of our domestic heaters are installed in water cylinders with a pre-fitted threaded entry, but where it is necessary to fit a heater through a plain hole in a vessel wall, we offer flanges and backnuts for all common sizes.


Designed to be fitted to a closed vessel from the outside

backnuts and 2 part flange


Part No: Size
BN12 1½”BSP
BN24 2¼”BSP

2 Part Flange

Part No: Size
WH11 2¼”BSP

Vertically mounted immersion heaters generally have an 86mm A/F hex flange, larger than most adjustable wrenches can accommodate, and we offer low cost spanners to aid fitting, allowing uniform tightening without distorting the head or receptacle.

Part No: Size Type
WH12 86mm A/F Flat
WH13 86mm A/F Box

Our heater timer provides a low cost means of short burst water heating, and eliminates the perennial problem of “forgetting to turn off the immersion”, thus providing dramatic savings in running costs.

Part No: Rating
T1 16A
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