Domestic Immersion Heater Thermostats

Rod thermostats are available in two main types: Control only, and Combination Control & Cut-Out

Both are used in domestic immersion heaters, and are made in three stem lengths (measured underneath the head) of 7” (178mm), 11” (279mm), and 18” (457mm).

Both have 7.5mmØ stems, designed to fit into a 5/16” (7.9mm) i.d tube. The control thermostats are factory pre-set at 60°C and should be used in conjunction with a separate over-temperature device in domestic applications.

The combination types have two separate sets of contacts, one adjustable and one factory set, giving a one piece compliance with IS/EN 60335-2-73.

Control Only

control only domestic immersion thermostat
Product CodeStem LengthRange °CPre-set °CCut-out °CCurrent Rating

Control & Cut-Out

control and cut-out domestic immersion thermostat
Product CodeStem LengthRange °CPre-set °CCut-out °CCurrent Rating
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